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The 90's blowout is back

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The 90's blowout hairstyle is back! Everyone is longing for a voluminous mane that we can actually recreate easily and in a few simple steps. We explain exactly how to create the look of the 90s, what characterizes the style and which stars love the hairstyle.

It's not just in fashion that the 90s are currently celebrating a big comeback, as we're also taking a little trip back in time when it comes to hairstyles and we're seeing the looks of the past everywhere. It is above all the popular blow-dried hairstyle from the 90s that is currently dominating the hair trends, creating a bold look.You're probably already familiar with the voluminous 90's blowout - we'll now go into detail and explain what the perfect retro blow-dry hairstyle needs and how you can recreate the trendy look at home.

90's blowout haircut: What makes this look stand out

Well, our mother used to tell us that layered cuts give us more volume. But what we didn't want to have done to our hair in the past is now the trend par excellence. The 'air cut' is also about cutting your hair in layers. The aim is to add volume and movement to the hair, and this works best when our hair is layered so that it frames our face. Wispy bangs also help. The hairstyle is based on the Rachel Cut, which was also popular in the 90s.

It's no wonder that the air cut is so popular. This is because the layers in the hair create a feather-light texture with lots of volume and movement. The differences in length in the hair do not look too harsh, rather it creates an undone look. And this hairstyle has many advantages because it is not only suitable for every face shape but also all sorts of hair.

If you have a lot of hair, the cut will take some weight out of your hair and create more volume. If you have less hair, the 90's blowout layers will add dimension. Only if you have a very narrow face and rather fine hair should you not necessarily go for the air cut - Your face can quickly disappear.

90's blowout hair: 90's blowout hair tutorial

Let's embark on a nostalgic journey and revive the iconic '90s blowout with our step-by-step tutorial. You can uncover the secrets to achieving that voluminous, bouncy hairstyle that once dominated the era. From meticulous preparation to effortlessly styling curtain bangs, we guide you through each stage, making the '90s blowout easily attainable for a trendy and naturally retro look.

· How to do a 90's blowout - Preparation

Proper preparation of the strands is extremely important for the 90s hairstyle - after all, we want the bouncy style to last as long as possible and not be a waste of time.

So, after washing your hair, as soon as the strands have dried a little in the air, spray on a heat protection spray and massage mousse into the hair. You can then start blow-drying and the following applies: The lengths should be around 80 percent dry.

· How to do a 90's blowout - Dividing the strands into sections of hair

The next step is to divide the strands into sections so that we really get all the hair. Basically, we work from bottom to top and from back to front. Start by pinning up the top hair and possibly the bangs with clips.

· How to do a 90's blowout - Blow-drying with the round brush

Now you can use a hairdryer and round brush. This is probably the most important part of styling and requires a little practice but trust us: you'll get the hang of it quicker than it seems at first and styling the 90s blowout bob will soon be a breeze.

Let's go: Grab a section of hair around two centimetres wide from the back of your head and place the round brush under your hair. Meanwhile, dry your hair with the hairdryer from above.

Once you have reached the ends, twist the brush back into the strand and wait a moment until the hair has cooled down a little. You can create a particularly exciting hairstyle by blow-drying the ends alternately inwards and outwards.

You gradually apply this procedure to all the strands until the top hair has also been blow-dried. Incidentally, we get a great root-volume, and the mane immediately looks fuller.

· How to do a 90's blowout - Styling curtain bangs

Curtain bangs deserve a little extra treatment: Twist the short strands all the way to the roots and then dry with a hairdryer. Slowly pull the brush outwards so that the hair is out of your face and has a fluffy look.

· How to do a 90's blowout - Setting

The last step is to set your hair, which you should never do without. Reach for hairspray and give your XXL mane the hold it needs - from the roots to the lengths. Et voilà, that's how easy it is to create the popular 90s style at home - easier than you thought, right? In the days that follow, you can give your hairstyle a fresh touch-up with a little dry shampoo.

Extra tip for 90's blowout

If you want your 90's blowout to last longer, leave the rolled-up hair to cool completely in this position. Also, make sure that you distribute your products evenly throughout your hair.

If you have less time, you can also just blow-dry your hair. In this case, it is important that you blow-dry the hair briefly cold at the end and let it dry in the opposite direction to the way you want it to fall.

Who does the 90's hair blowout suit?

Whether you have short or long hair, the 90's blowout is suitable for everyone. The length of your hair doesn't really matter. The only important thing is that you like the end result and feel comfortable with the hairstyle.

Whether you have curly or straight hair, or a different hair texture is irrelevant. The voluminous look skilfully highlights your face and creates a wow effect for any face shape. However, one thing is definitely an advantage: arm muscles. Especially with long hair, the blowout can be quite the workout.

The bottom line

In conclusion, the resurgence of the '90s blowout hairstyle is undeniable, offering a voluminous and effortlessly chic look. Rooted in the iconic Rachel Cut, its layered structure adds texture, movement, and a touch of nostalgia. The air cut's versatility suits various hair types and lengths, providing both volume and dimension.

Achieving the perfect '90s blowout involves meticulous preparation, sectioning, and skillful round brush blow-drying. The result is a bouncy, full-bodied mane that lasts with proper setting. This timeless style complements any face shape and hair texture, making it a universally appealing choice. Whether short or long, straight or curly, embrace the '90s blowout for a wow-worthy transformation. Remember, it's not just a hairstyle; it's a workout for those arm muscles!

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