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High-speed vs. traditional hair dryer: Everything you want to know

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    If you're in the market for a hair dryer, you may have come across the term "high-speed". But what sets these hair dryers apart from traditional ones, and how do you know if they fit you? It's time to set the record straight and explain the benefits of a high-speed hair dryer!

    In this article, we'll discuss the key distinctions between high-speed hair dryers and traditional hair dryers to help you decide what to pick this holiday season. Also, here are the best hair dryer Black Friday deals.

    Is Black Friday the time to get a high-speed hair dryer?

    Black Friday is traditionally known for offering significant discounts and deals on a wide range of products, including electronics and beauty appliances. If you're looking for a high-speed hair dryer and have been considering purchasing one, Black Friday could be a good time to find discounts and promotions from various retailers.

    Is Black Friday the time to get a high-speed hair dryer?

    During Black Friday sales, many stores and online platforms offer special deals, bundled packages, or discounted prices on popular products. It's advisable to keep an eye on advertisements, browse online retailers, and check the websites of beauty and electronics stores to find the best deals on high-speed hair dryers.

    Benefits of high-speed over traditional blow dryers

    Ever wondered why high-speed blow dryers are stealing the spotlight? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into the fabulous world of speedy hair drying. From saving time to reducing damage, these high-speed wonders are changing the game. Let's uncover the perks together!

    1. High speed of blow drying for salon-quality effects

    Let's start with the obvious: a high-speed hair dryer works much faster than a traditional one. For example, the Laifen Swift hair dryer has a motor that operates at a whopping 110,000 rpm, producing a powerful airflow of about 22m/s.

    Laifen Swift hair dryer

    In contrast, traditional AC motors typically operate at 15,000 – 20,000 rpm, with airflows of approximately 10m/s. This means you can dry your hair much faster, giving you more time to enjoy what you love. Plus, the controlled drying experience helps reduce frizz and leaves you with a smoother, more polished look.

    How to do salon-quality blowout by a high-speed hair dryer:

    1. Begin with damp hair, applying heat protectant.
    2. Section hair and use a round brush for smoothness.
    3. Dry small sections thoroughly.
    4. Fine-tune the heat and speed settings as per your needs.
    5. Finish with cool air to set the style.
    6. Apply serum for shine and hold.

    2. 100% zero heat damage

    Despite the increased airflow, high-speed hair dryers are also the perfect solution for those concerned about heat damage to their hair. Unlike traditional hair dryers that can reach damaging temperatures of up to 100°C that causes harmful effects to your hair and scalp, many of the high-speed hair dryers out there use cutting-edge technology to maintain a consistent temperature.

    100% zero heat damage

    The Laifen Swift's Smart Temperature Control system measures the temperature of the hair dryer multiple times per second to ensure that it never exceeds 80°C.

    3. Ultra quiet up to 59 dB

    Traditional hair dryers can reach sound levels of up to 95 dB, which is as loud as a blender or police siren, definitely not a tranquil hair-drying experience. To combat this, several high-speed hair dryers use layers of advanced noise-reduction technology to reduce the noise level. The Laifen hair dryer operates at a comfortable 59 dB so that it doesn't disrupt your day.

    Ultra quiet up to 59 dB

    4. Smaller size - Portable & beautiful

    Even with their increased power over traditional hair dryers, high-speed hair dryers tend to be smaller than their traditional counterparts. The Laifen Swift is 60% slimmer and 75% lighter, making it perfect to travel with on the go as it will easily fit inside any luggage.

    Do note that this compact size does mean that it does not support dual voltage, so there can be something to consider when making your decision.

    Smaller size - Portable & beautiful

    5. A bit expensive

    As the saying goes, "good, fast, cheap, pick two". We know that high-speed hair dryers are good, and they're definitely fast, but all of those features come at a price. While traditional hair dryers can be priced under 100 dollars, a high-speed hair dryer usually comes in between 100 - 200 dollars. We have the perfect solution for those not looking to break the bank, however…

    High-speed hairdryers frequently asked questions

    Ready to dive into the world of high-speed hair dryers? We've got your burning questions covered – from the top-notch brands to budget-friendly gems. Wondering if ionic is the way to go? Curious about the least damaging options? Let's decode the haircare magic together!

    1. Which is the best high-speed hair dryer brand?

    The Laifen consistently earns praise for its powerful performance, ergonomic design, and advanced technology, making it a top choice for many seeking salon-quality results at home.

    2. Which high-speed blow dryer is inexpensive?

    The Laifen SE Hair Dryer offers an affordable yet efficient option, combining drying and styling in one step, making it a budget-friendly favorite among users.

    3. Is high-speed hair blow dryer the same as ionic?

    While high-speed refers to the drying efficiency, ionic technology focuses on reducing frizz. They're distinct features, but some high-speed dryers also incorporate ionic technology for a comprehensive hair care experience.

    4. What are the 4 types of hair dryers?

    Conventional dryers, ionic dryers, ceramic dryers, and tourmaline dryers are the main types. Each caters to different needs, providing options for speed, frizz reduction, even heat distribution, and enhanced shine.

    5. What hair dryer is least damaging to hair?

    The Laifen Swift Special Hair Dryer is praised for its gentle yet efficient performance, thanks to its infrared heat technology that dries hair quickly without causing excessive damage, making it a top choice for minimizing harm.

    In summary

    So, how do you feel about high-speed hair dryers now? Does it sound like the perfect tool for your hair, or what? Let us know in the comments below what you think, or if you already have one, let others know all about it!

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