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Chic and short: 4 tips for perfect short hair drying & styling

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Short-haired legends, rejoice! While the internet is flooded with hair care tips for long tresses, our chic short locks often get overlooked. Fear not, I'm here to spill the tea on short hair care, and yes, I've got the data to back it up. From nailing the perfect blow-dry to foolproof protection methods, I've got your back. Let's show some love to those sassy pixie cuts and bobs, because every short 'do deserves its moment in the spotlight. Ready to rock that short hair confidence? Let the styling adventures begin!

4 tips for drying and styling short hair you cannot miss

Ready to up your styling game? I've got the lowdown on four essential tips for drying and styling short hair that you just can't afford to miss. From quick-dry hacks to transformative styling tips, let's dive into the secrets that'll have your short locks looking on point. Time to slay those chic vibes effortlessly!

Tip 1. Use a comfortable microfiber towel

Short hair may not have the same drying time as its longer counterparts, but it's essential to treat it with care. Before using a hair dryer, pat your hair down using a microfiber towel to absorb any excess moisture still left on your hair.

These towels are ultra-absorbent and gentle on your hair, and they help reduce friction that ordinary cotton towels would cause, which can lead to frizz, flyaways, and damage. By using an ultra-absorbent microfiber towel, you can make sure that your hair isn't too wet before blow-drying, which can cause damage.

Use a comfortable microfiber towel

Tip 2. Pick up a correct round brush

When it comes to drying and styling your hair, using a small barrel round brush can be quite useful. This is because the small barrel allows you to work with various sections of your hair one at a time, with increased accuracy and control, especially when creating a smooth and straight style with a lot of volume. To achieve this, target the roots of your hair with the brush and slowly pull it away from your head to create the desired style. Keep in mind that the shorter your hair is, the smaller the size of the brush barrel should be.

Pick up a correct round brush

Tip 3. Apply a heat protectant

Using styling tools can be both a blessing and a curse for any hair type and length. It is crucial to give your hair some protection before subjecting it to high temperatures. Applying a heat protectant spray on your hair cannot guarantee zero damage, but it helps to minimize the damage your hair may be subjected to.

Depending on the type of heat protectant you use, you might need to use it on damp or dry hair, and distribute it evenly before using heated styling tools. You may want to know how high temperature will put harmful effects on your hair and scalp.

Apply a heat protectant

Tip 4. Try a good hair dryer for your short hair

Just because your hair is short doesn't mean that you should skimp on getting a good-quality salon hair dryer. Find a hair dryer with a Concentrator Nozzle so you can accurately angle air down the hair shaft to create volume and a smooth finish.

How to blow out short hair quickly and correctly:

  1. Divide hair into sections for efficiency.
  2. Apply heat protectant for hair care.
  3. Use a round brush for smoothness.
  4. Dry small sections promptly.
  5. Finish with cool air for setting.
  6. Apply a smoothing serum for a polished look.

A hair dryer with a wide range of temperatures is best, but remember not to use excessively hot temperatures, as that will lead to hair damage. Quality tools make a world of difference, even for short hair.

Try a good hair dryer for your short hair

Styling and drying short hairs FAQs

Curious about drying short hair and need answers? You're in the right place! In this FAQ session, we'll unravel the mysteries around styling short hair for beginners, explore the age-old debate of short versus long hair, discover the best haircuts for short-haired guys, and unveil the trendiest styles for ladies rocking those fabulous short locks. Let's dive into the world of short hair expertise!

Q1. How to style short hair for beginners

Styling short hair can be a breeze for beginners. Start with a versatile cut that suits your face shape. Experiment with texturizing products for added volume or a sleek look. Consider playful accessories like headbands or hairpins for a touch of flair. Remember, confidence is your best accessory!

Q2. Does short hair make you look younger or long hair?

The perception of looking younger with short or long hair varies. Short hair often highlights facial features, giving a fresh and youthful appearance. Long hair, on the other hand, can be associated with a timeless, classic look. It ultimately depends on personal style and how well the chosen hairstyle complements individual features.

Q3. What is the best haircut for short hair boy?

For short hair boys, a classic crew cut, textured crop, or a faded undercut are popular choices. These styles are easy to maintain and offer versatility. Consult with a skilled barber to find a cut that suits your face shape and personal style, ensuring a stylish and confident look.

Q4. What are the best short hair styles for ladies?

Ladies rocking short hair have a plethora of stylish options. Consider a pixie cut for a bold statement, a bob for a chic and timeless look, or a shaggy cut for a trendy, textured appearance. The key is to choose a style that complements your features and aligns with your fashion preferences. Experiment with layers, colors, and accessories to personalize your short hair journey.

Q5. Which is better long hair or short hair?

The preference for long hair or short hair is entirely subjective and depends on individual tastes, lifestyle, and personal comfort. Neither is inherently "better" than the other. Long hair is often associated with versatility and can be styled in various ways, while short hair is celebrated for its convenience and chic, low-maintenance appeal. Ultimately, the best choice is the one that makes the individual feel confident and comfortable.


Short hair, often seen as being low maintenance, deserves just as much love and care as long hair. Your hair routine might not take as long as it would for someone with long hair, but it still needs to be taken seriously in order to ensure your hair stays healthy and strong. By following these 4 tips on how to blow dry short hair, and how to style it, you can ensure your short hair remains fabulous and healthy.
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