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Natural auburn hair – find all info on this beautiful hair color

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This tone of hair results from a change in the genetic make-up of the MC1R protein, which is responsible for the formation of pigments. In humans, hair color like auburn hair is created by the individual mixture of the two pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin. The pigment eumelanin is dark and generally not present in red hair, but the pigment pheomelanin is, which is also present in blonde-haired people, for example.

The special nature of red hair is making the hair color increasingly popular so some people are opting to dye their hair this rare color.

Care tips for auburn color hair

When you dye your hair red, the chemical hair dye puts additional stress on it. To help your hair recover quickly from the coloring, you should treat your mane gently, especially in the first few weeks after coloring.

Do not dry your red hair with a hot hairdryer. After coloring, the hair is sensitive anyway and can be quickly damaged by the hot air. Better air-dry your red mane gently.

If your auburn red hair comes into contact with chlorine, this can bleach the red hair color and damage the hair structure. Avoid going to the swimming pool, especially during the first two weeks after coloring.

For a long-lasting auburn hair color result, care for your hair with a coordinated care range for colored hair consisting of shampoo and conditioner.

If your red hair loses color intensity over time, you can delay the next coloring by applying a tint. The tint refreshes the hair color without attacking it.

Auburn hair dye - red hair with henna

People who want to dye their hair red without using chemical ingredients are best advised to use henna. The powder obtained from the henna plant is naturally reddish and can be mixed with water to create a red hair dye. What the end result looks like depends on the natural hair color. It could be light auburn hair, dark auburn hair or also a chestnut auburn hair color.

The advantage is that the red color does not penetrate the hair fibers like a conventional dye, but only surrounds them. This makes the coloring process much gentler. However, this only applies to the red color that is obtained from the pure powder. Chemical ingredients are often added to the powder to increase the range of hair colors.

When buying a color, you should therefore definitely take a look at the ingredients. If you want to spice up the henna color yourself, you can add lemon juice to intensify the red hair color or black tea for darker color results.

Who does auburn hair suit?

Are you wondering whether auburn hair might suit you? Don't panic, red hair suits everyone who wants it. Because there is a suitable shade of red for every type – from mahogany to copper to strawberry red. Caution is only advised with very light hair. The red look can quickly look unnatural. Seek advice from your hairdresser and, if necessary, opt for delicate reddish-blonde strands, as were frequently seen on the catwalk this year.

Here are some tips: Different shades for different skin types. Different shades of reddish-brown suit different people. To find the most suitable shade, the veins on the inside of the wrist can help: blue or purple veins harmonize with cold tones. If the veins are slightly green, warm tones are best.

Now it is very easy to find the right tone in the red-brown color palette. People with cooler skin types should aim for warmer colors, while warm skin types are better complemented by cooler tones. Shades like a medium brown with red undertones are therefore ideal for cool skin types. Warm skin types can try a darker red-brown color, such as cold, black cherry red or a sophisticated, dark, rusty-red color such as a flaming brown-red dye.

Which make-up harmonizes best with auburn hair?

Smokey eyes and nude make-up go well with auburn hair. Eyeshadows in all shades of brown harmonize very well, and green or blue eyeliner looks particularly elegant.

What clothes should I wear with red hair? Green, blue, petrol and yellow go great with red hair. Courageous women, such as "Riverdale" star Madelaine Petch, also combine orange, pink or even red with their fiery head of hair – however, the shades should be coordinated with the hair color. If you are not sure which tone will be best for you, you can start with brown hair with auburn highlights.

Can you over-dye auburn hair?

Do you have red hair but would like to try something new? Then you should bleach your hair first so the red pigments disappear completely from your hair. The best way to do this is to visit a hairdresser, who will show you the gentlest method. After bleaching, you can then apply the new color to your hair.

The perfect care for red hair

Tailor-made care for red hair is very important. This is because the color loses its brilliance and intensity with every wash, and the hair becomes vulnerable every time it is brushed or blow-dried. Heat and styling roughen the cuticle layer and the color brilliance is lost.

Good hair care products preserve the luminosity of this bright color: Special treatments for colored hair usually have a particularly high proportion of nourishing and protective ingredients. UV protection protects against fading. Various hair treatments or conditioners contain red pigments that intensify the color. Tip: You should avoid going to the swimming pool for the first two weeks after coloring, as chlorine attacks red hair. If the red fades too much, you can also apply a tint between two colorations. This will bring back the red brilliance.

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