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Top 9 hair care gifts your beauty buddy will love - Care to beauty

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Everyone knows that hairstyling and hair care are big parts of any beauty routine. Whether you are an experienced stylist or someone who loves to rock their natural look, having the right tools for styling, treating, and nourishing your locks is essential.

If you want to treat your favorite beauty buddy without breaking the bank, take a look at these 9 fantastic gift-worthy hair care gift set ideas, from facial steamers to leave-in conditioners. All these items will elevate one's entire look and give them hair that's sure to turn heads!

Top 1. Hair dryer

Hair dryers | Hair care gifts

Creating your favorite hairstyles and smoothing down flyaways require the best hair care products. It's even more true when trying to tame your natural texture, volumize, or recreate your favorite blowout hairstyle.

A hair dryer is an essential tool for any beauty enthusiast, and there are a variety of models available to suit different needs and budgets. Look for a model with adjustable heat settings, multiple speed settings, and attachments such as diffusers or concentrators.

You can choose from a lightweight, compact hairdryer for constant travelers or a brushless motor hairdryer to smooth down cuticles and leave a long-lasting shine. The SE, which is powered by Laifen's proprietary 105,000 RPM brushless motor, can dry hair 5x FASTER than traditional dryers, making it perfect for beauty enthusiasts looking to save time AND look great.

Top 2. Flat & curling iron

Flat and curling iron | Hair care gift

Sometimes, you want sleek, smooth hair for accentuated curls and waves for an upcoming event. Quality heated styling tools can help you create your favorite looks without wasting too much time, and a great hair straightener is invaluable for creating the perfect style.

So! What better gift for that beauty buddy looking looking for cute curls and wonderful waves than a curling iron. Get them a model with adjustable temperature settings, ceramic plates, and a swivel cord for maximum convenience and to ensure even heat distribution and reduce hair damage. Different curling iron barrel sizes, ranging from as small as 3/8 of an inch to 2 inches, ensure the curls are precisely defined, just as they want them.

Top 3. Hair brushes, clips, and pins

Hair brushes, clips, and pins | Hair care gift

Keeping hair neat and properly sectioned requires accessories such as clips and pins. Hair brushes also make excellent hair care gifts that can help accentuate your beauty buddy's natural texture while gently loosening knots in their locks. A selection of hair brushes is also essential for any beauty enthusiast's styling kit.

Look for brushes made from natural materials such as boar bristles or wooden handles, which can help to reduce breakage and add shine to the hair. Furthermore, no hairstyle is complete without some clips or pins. Choose from various colors, sizes, and shapes to create any desired style easily. Clips are incredibly helpful in pinning down stubborn strands and flyaways while locking in hairstyles.

Steps for brushing wet hair

  1. Use the comb or brush on the very ends of your hair first.
  2. Comb down and gently remove any tangles. Don’t force the comb through your hair
  3. Small brush strokes are best. Feel free to use your fingers to loosen any knots.
  4. If your hair is particularly tangled or knotted, spray on a hair detangler or a leave-in conditioner first to give more slip to your hair strands.
  5. Once you have the tangles removed from the ends of your hair, you can move up a few inches and start combing down again, working out the tangles.
  6. Repeat until you get to your scalp and have completely tangle-free hair.

Top 4. Shampoo & conditioner

Shampoo & conditioner | Hair care gifts

Many beauty seekers swear by specific shampoo and conditioner brands, so why not keep things simple and gift them their favorites? The best hair care products can help wash away everyday dander, leaving behind silky, clean locks.

A high-quality conditioner can help balance hair's pH levels, leaving it soft and nourished after a deep clean. If you're not sure what they use, opt for products that offer a little something special, such as nourishing oils or hydrating ingredients that will leave their locks feeling great! The more texture someone's hair has, the more hydrating their shampoo and conditioning products should be.

Top 5. Heat protectant spray

Hair protectant spray | Hair care gift

Relying on heated styling tools can put hair at considerable risk for long-lasting damage. The last thing someone wants is to have their ends dry and split so it's important to always use heat protectant spray when using styling tools.

Add it to your hair care gift basket and select your beauty buddy's most wanted brands and types. They're usually small, so it's the perfect gift for the person who is always on the go!

Top 6. Hair masks & treatments

Hair masks & treatments | Hair care gift

Everyone loves pampering themselves every now and again, so why not give them the hair-caring gift of luxurious treatments? From deep conditioning masks to scalp scrubs, plenty of options will leave their tresses feeling revitalized in no time.

Hair masks and treatments can do wonders for your hair, no matter how healthy it may be. From minimizing frizz and softening hair to strengthening strands and reducing hair damage, hair masks can help in many ways. Look into the available hair masks and treatment options to determine which best suits your beauty buddy's hair texture and lifestyle.

Top 7. Hair accessories & products

Hair accessories & products | Hair care gifts

Do your favorite beauty buddies love experimenting and styling their hair with shiny, colorful accessories? Add some extra flair to any ‘do with fun accessories such as headbands, scarves, or barrettes. These hair care sets can be great gifts, as they come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles, ensuring you can find something they'll love!

From mousses and gels to creams and sprays, there are plenty of hair care products that suit different styling goals. They'll make great gifts as they offer endless possibilities for creating different looks. Add in some serums, hydrating argon oil, and other products to lock in shine and softness so they make something truly radiant!

Top 8. Hair tools & supplies

Claw clips | hair accessories & products

From blow dryers and curling wands to flat irons, these essential tools help create any desired look, so why not gift them to your recipient? Tools with ionic technology or tourmaline plates help reduce frizz while adding shine.

Furthermore, hair crimpers, hot rollers, silk hair covers, claw clips, heatless curling rod sets, and other supplies are indispensable in creating a fresh new look while also keeping hair healthy and smooth.

Top 9. Hair care books & magazines

Hair care books & magazines

Whether your beauty buddy is a styling student or a mane master, books and magazines full of hair care tips and tricks can be great sources of inspiration. You can find the best hairstyling and care books in your local bookstore or online to help them achieve their favorite looks and take care of their locks.


Beauty enthusiasts deserve the best tools and hair care products to achieve soft, smooth hair, as well as care for their hair. Besides hair dryers, shampoos, heat protectant sprays, and hair masks, what other hair care gifts or hair care products do you think would make the perfect gift? Share it below.
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