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Which is the best hair style for a woman over 60?

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    The question is much more: which is not? There are hardly any hairstyles that do not suit women over 60. In general, of course, you can wear anything you like. Whether it is a bob hairstyle, long mane or short haircut, there are so many more factors than age when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle. Of course, there are particularly flattering haircuts and colors. That is why we are showing you hair styles for women over 60 that make you look younger.

    What looks younger: long or short hair styles for women over 60?

    Many women cut their hair short as they get older because they think long hair no longer looks good. In addition, long hair often requires more care and styling, which is why many tend to opt for short hair styles for women over 60. But even long hair can look great without much effort, as we will show you below.

    At the same time, a short haircut can make you look older if it is not styled correctly. It always depends on what you make of the hairstyle.

    Here you will find hair styles for women over 60 that make you look younger. You can also find a few examples and inspiration below.

    1. Bob hair styles for women over 60

    Whether shoulder-length or very short, bob hairstyles are particularly popular with mature women. This haircut is also one of the hairstyles for over 60s that make you look younger, as it flatters the face and can also provide great color accents.

    2. Bangs hair styles for women over 60

    Can you still wear bangs at 60? You bet! Whether curtain bangs, slanted or full bangs, this haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for a reason. And the haircut is also suitable for women over 50 or 60 because it looks elegant and playful at the same time and also hides some of the wrinkles on the forehead.

    3. Curly hair styles for women over 60

    Women who naturally have curls don't need to hide them as they get older. Whether as a short haircut or with longer hair, curls add a playful touch to the hair and are therefore one of the hairstyles that make you look younger. Many stars have shown just how beautiful curly hair can look with age.

    4. Medium hair styles for women over 60

    Medium-length hair is also a popular hairstyle after 60, as it offers many styling options without being too elaborate. You can also vary the color of medium-length hair or wear it in combination with bangs. Many celebrities wear medium-length hair and show how great it can look at a certain age.

    5. Long hair styles for women over 60

    Yes, even long hair can look great in older age and even make you look younger. The best example of this is Julianne Moore, who is known for her long red mane. However, make sure you have a good hair routine so that your hair always looks well-groomed.

    6. Shoulder length hair styles for women over 60 - long bob

    One hairstyle that simply never goes out of fashion and has been with us for many years is the long bob. This haircut is not only ideal for young women, but women over 60 also look radiant and younger with this haircut. The slightly longer bob version is one of the top haircuts for shoulder-length hair. What makes the long bob so popular is its uncomplicated styling. Even without any effort, the medium-length cut looks great.

    Beach waves or straightened hair look great with a long bob, but are not a must.

    Even without a curling iron or straightener, the shoulder-length haircut allows you to wear your hair in many different ways: from an elegant, low bun to a trendy half-bun and romantic braided hairstyles.

    7. Layered hair styles for woman over 60

    In general, anyone can wear the cut, including women over 60. Whether you have a round face, narrow face, heart-shaped or angular face, there is a suitable version for everyone. Women with a narrow face benefit from delicate layers in the front section, which make it appear wider.

    For women with round faces, a frame made up of a highly layered hairstyle that frames he face takes away the fullness, while heart-shaped and angular faces immediately appear softer and less severe, which is also an advantage for older women.

    This hair color is perfect for women over 60

    There are plenty of black hair styles for women over 60 or gray hair styles for woman over 60, but first of all, it should be clear that there is no one perfect hair color for women over 60, because tastes are different and you can still wear the hair color you like at 60. Nevertheless, there are a few tricks when it comes to hair color that will make you look younger.

    Light brown hair, warm blonde tones or fine highlights help to make your face appear softer and finer. Red and copper tones can also make you look younger as they give your face freshness and lightness. You should steer clear of dark hair colors such as black or a dark brown, as they can make facial features appear harder and emphasize small wrinkles.

    However, there is another reason dark hair colors prove to be expensive after a certain age: None of us are spared gray hairs. For some people, they appear as early as their late 20s, while for others it takes longer. However, as the color contrast between the light gray hairs and the dark mane is very visible, it can quickly happen that the gray hairs become more noticeable. That is why you have to dye your hair more frequently and make a trip to the hairdresser every few weeks.

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