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Drying hair gently and the hair towel wrap

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    There are many myths and controversies surrounding hair drying. Frequent blow-drying, especially at high temperatures, is said to dry out our hair and make it brittle. However, there are also experts who warn that air-drying hair is harmful - because the moisture causes the hair to swell, become heavier and create more pressure in the hair. This also causes split ends.

    Hair Towels can be a good help for gentle drying. You can use these to gently squeeze out your hair first and then either let it air dry or blow dry it at a low temperature. Herein we'll show you how to wrap your hair with a towel. Let's get started.

    Chic and good for the hair – hair towel

    Your hair should be fresh, fragrant and well-groomed every day. In addition to the right shampoo, conditioner or hair treatment, how you dry your hair is also crucial. A towel turban is best for your hair.

    However, towels have a tendency to come loose quickly. The practical, prefabricated hair turban with button fastening prevents the towel for hair from slipping and falling off. Or if the budget allows it, opt for a specially made towel like the Crown Affair hair towel, expressly made for perfect hair drying.

    How to wrap hair with a towel?

    If you ask yourself "how to wrap hair with towel" – we have the right answer for you! Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel every day or blow-drying it for a long time is stressful for your hair.

    Fine, damaged hair in particular reacts very sensitively to such treatment. It is better to wrap your hair in a good terry towel and then air dry it or blow dry it gently at a medium to lower temperature.

    If you are opting for a stylish hair towel, made from high-quality, natural cotton, this special towel for hair is around 64 cm long and extremely absorbent. The great button fastening at the nape of the neck prevents the hair turban from slipping down. You can move around as normal, bend over and do whatever you like.

    Using the hair turban is very simple. Wash your hair as usual. After washing your hair, gently squeeze it out. Tilt your head forward and wrap the hair turban around your head.

    How to wrap hair in towel?

    The towel must cover all the hair, which is particularly important for long hair. Now stand up straight and close the button at the nape of your neck.

    Your absolutely secure hair towel is ready. Keep the turban on your head until the towel has absorbed the moisture from your hair. Give the hair towel enough time to soak up the most moisture.

    You can then either leave your hair to air-dry or style it as usual with a brush and hairdryer. However, avoid too much heat from the hairdryer during daily styling. This dries out the hair, making it brittle and dull.

    How to wrap hair towel?

    Wearing a towel around your head can come in handy in a variety of situations, such as after showering, washing your hair or relaxing at the spa. Here is a guide on how to wrap a towel around your head:

    · Step 1: Preparation

    Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you touch the towel.

    Choose a large towel that is big enough to completely cover your head and wrap your hair.

    Lay the towel flat on a flat surface, such as a table or work surface.

    · Step 2: Fold

    Take the towel by the two opposite corners and place it over your head so that the long side of the towel is against your forehead.

    Hold the towel by the corners and pull it back to wrap it around your head.
    Make sure that the towel is wrapped tightly and evenly around your head so that it fits well and does not slip.

    · Step 3: Fastening

    Once the towel is wrapped around your head, you can knot it together at the ends or secure it with a hair clip or hair band to make sure it stays in place.

    Make sure the towel fits comfortably and is not too tight or too loose to ensure a comfortable fit.

    · Step 4: Fitting

    After the towel is wrapped around your head and secured, you can adjust it as needed to make sure it fits snugly, and your hair is fully covered.

    You can chug or fold over the ends of the towel to create a neat look and fit the towel to the shape of your head.

    Wearing a hair towel around your head can be both functional and fashionable, depending on your intention. Keep in mind that different people prefer different techniques, and it is important to find the method that is most comfortable for you.

    If you like it easier and quicker, discover our hair Towel Spa from Luin Living. Super soft, absorbent and with a press stud.

    Microfiber hair towel

    A microfiber towel for hair is also gentle on the hair. It not only protects the hair from split ends and breakage but also dries it in no time at all. This alternative is also available online as a practical microfiber hair turban. It even saves you the time of folding the towel and wrapping it up.

    Which curly hair towel is the best?

    Anyone with curls knows that hair tips are often not tailored to curly hair and can even damage it in the worst case. Which towel is suitable for curls or curly hair naturally also depends a little on the desired effect. Some people choose not to use cotton so as not to remove too much moisture from their hair - not only with towels but also with everything else their hair comes into contact with - and use silk or satin bed linen.

    Cotton is also only "harmful" to curly hair to a limited extent: with the "plopping" trend, for example, cotton is supposed to absorb as much moisture as possible - here only styling products are used, but no heat, and the curls still become shiny without hanging out when drying.

    Depending on the result you want to achieve, both care products and towels should be selected.

    Last words

    In the complex world of hair drying, myths and controversies persist—blow-drying may lead to dryness, while air-drying risks swelling and split ends. But fear not, the hair towel emerges as a chic savior. Learn the art of wrapping with styles like Crown Affair or opt for natural cotton towels, ensuring both function and fashion.

    Follow a simple guide on how to wrap your hair for gentle drying. Explore alternatives like microfiber hair towels, perfect for quick drying without the fuss. Curls have unique needs, so choose towels and care products wisely. Discover the best towel for your hair type, wrap it right, and relish in healthy, stylish locks!

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