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Guide to Portable Hair Styling with Travel Hair Dryers and Diffusers

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Honestly, hair care when traveling can be SUPER tricky since you may or may not have your entire array of hair care products and styling tools with you. We have found one of the best solution for this is to buy a travel hairdryer with a diffuser. We will discuss all the benefits, and features a perfect portable hairdryer has and will recommend the reliable portable hairdryer, for your hair to look good on the go.

Benefits of Travel Hair Dryers with Diffusers

Diffuser hair dryers for curly hair come in many shapes and sizes, but travel ones are pretty new to the market. Here’s why we love them:

Portability and Convenience

Travel hair dryers with diffusers are designed so that they are easier to transport than a traditional hairdryer. They are so light that you can pack them up and take them with you. This is also going to free you from the hairdryer every hotel room has that will likely have underpowered heat and no diffuser.

Multi-functionality for On-the-go Styling

Hair dryers are your all-time hair styling tool–it is more than a tool to dry your curly hair. The diffuser attachment is great for when you want to curl your hair, and the brush along with the concentrator adaptor helps you to achieve a sleek and smooth finish.


Features to Look for in Travel Hair Dryers with Diffusers

When shopping for a travel hair dryer with a diffuser, here are some of the features you should consider to help you find the best diffuser hair dryer for curly hair/ wavy hair/ fine hair – whatever your hair type is.

Size and Weight

When you are operating from the road, space is at a premium. As such, opt for a more compact, lightweight hair dryer. This will help you save in packing space and not going above any airline weight limits! We love portable hair dryers with a foldable handle as this makes them even more compact.

Easy Storage and Packing

We highly recommend a travel hair dryer that comes with a travel case or pouch to store it in. This keeps all the attachments together and stops the hair dryer from getting damaged. Having organised luggage makes traveling much easier.

Detachable Diffuser

We love a blow dryer with diffuser for curly hair. A diffuser attachment allows those with curly hair to keep their hair manageable and looking its best no matter where you are traveling. Choose a dryer that has a diffuser that is easy to attach and remove.

Tips for Using a Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser on the Go

1. Use the Right Heat and Speed Settings: Begin on a low heat setting — this helps prevent hair damage, then you can gradually increase the heat until achieving your desired style. Over time, heat can cause splits and breakage so starting slowly is best.

2. Use a Heat Protectant: We highly recommend taking a heat protectant on your travels and using it every time you dry or style your hair with heat. This daily defense shields strands from the drying and styling effects of heat appliances that would otherwise strip moisture leaving hair vulnerable.

3. Practice at Home: All hairdryers are different so it might be a good idea to test your new travel hair dryer out before you go on holiday. Take the time to explore different attachments and heat settings with your travel dryer. Familiarizing yourself beforehand allows for stress-free styling on the go Recommended Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Best Travel Hair Dryer with Diffuser: Laifen SE

Our absolute favorite travel hair dryer with diffuser for curly hair, or any hair for that matter is the Laifen SE High-Speed Hair Dryer. The dryer has a super sleek design and comes in a variety of pastel colors. Not only does it look great, it has some great features that make it the perfect travel hair dryer.

High-Speed Drying:
There is nothing worse than holding a heavy hair dryer above your head while it takes ages to dry. That’s why the Laifen SE hair dryer is the perfect option due to its high-speed drying.

Lightweight and Compact:
This hairdryer is lightweight, clocking in at under 1lb, making it convenient to travel with. It is 60% slimmer and 75% lighter than virtually any other hair dryer.

The Laifen SE hair dryer comes with not one, but two different attachments giving you choice and versatility. This means you can perfect your curls or straighten your hair.

Travel-friendly Features:
The Laifen hair dryer is even more travel friendly as it comes with a perfectly sized carry case that fits the dryer and its attachments.


A portable hair dryer is a brilliant investment for those who are always on the go. It saves you carting around a heavy normal hair dryer, or using an old, inefficient hotel dryer. Instead, a portable and lightweight option such as the Laifen SE High-Speed Hair Dryer will allow you to style your hair easily. Let us not forget that everyone deserves a good hair day.

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