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Best hair dryer for men's hair

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Buying the best hair dryer for men at a bargain price? In most cases, as with straighteners, curling irons or hot air brushes, this is not a good idea. This is because particularly cheap models often don't have a powerful airflow, a long-lasting motor, are particularly loud or can even damage your hair and scalp due to insufficient heat protection. It is therefore worth investing a little more of your hard-earned money to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Hair dryer for men - Everything you need to know

In principle, there are a number of different ways to choose a hair dryer for men. Hair dryers for men are generally high-performing and offer a wide range of features. There are a number of different standard models in today's market. However, not every men's hairdryer will meet your needs or the condition of your hair.

Hair texture - Which hair dryer is suitable for which type of hair?

· Fine, thin hair:

Fine and thin hair is very sensitive, which is why you should always choose a hair dryer for men that has heat protection. Under no circumstances should the hair be subjected to too much stress. It is important that the hair dryer for men is never set too hot. Extra quiet or energy-saving hair dryers are particularly suitable for this hair type.

Appliances with ion technology, which can usually be switched on as an additional function, are suitable for adding volume to fine hair. Without ionization, the hair is not as smooth as when a conventional hairdryer is used.

· Long, thick hair:

Users who have long, and thick hair need to choose a hair dryer for men that is very powerful. Professional hair dryers for men that have an AC motor are recommended. These appliances are also very durable and have extremely high power.

However, these professional hair dryers are very heavy. If they become too heavy in the long term, a hairdryer holder in which you can place the hair dryer for men at any time is highly recommended.

Another positive aspect is that the hair can be dried extremely quickly. Integrated heat regulation is also an advantage.

· Dry, damaged hair:

Dry and severely damaged hair needs a certain protection. Some of the best hair dryers for men on the market offer heat protection, which maximizes the moisture content in the hair. We also recommend hair dryers that are equipped with ion technology, which greatly help this particular hair type. The hair is also much less statically charged and falls more smoothly.

· Best hair dryer for men's curly hair:

Users with very wavy or even curly hair are best advised to use a hairdryer that has a volume diffuser attachment. The diffuser dries the hair healthily, smoothes it and also gives it a lot of volume. The airflow is distributed over the entire hair. In addition, the hair becomes more voluminous, especially if the attachment is used at the roots.

The regular hair blow dryer for men is not often supplied with this accessory, which is why it is important to check the scope of delivery.

Best hair dryer for men's styling - Laifen Swift Special

When it comes to the best blow dryer for men's hair, the Laifen hairdryer is right up there with the best. The functions of the Laifen Swift are versatile. There are a total of 3 temperature settings, which can be changed using a button on the handle.

On level 1, hair is dried at room temperature. Level 2 reaches a temperature of 50 °C and level 3 increases the temperature up to 80 °C. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds and the Laifen Swift will switch to a sequential mode in which level 1 and level 3 alternate.

The hairdryer strikes a good balance between size and weight so that it is comfortable to hold and not too heavy in the long term. The control button and switch are easy to reach while drying hair and the LED ring is illuminated so you know immediately which temperature level is currently active. Switching between the temperature levels is direct. The Laifen Swift allows you to switch from cool room temperature right up to the highest level without any delay.

The hairdryer is ideal for all different hair types. If you are looking for the best hair dryer for men's styling, the Laifen hair dryer is the right choice.

Hair dryers for men - Which functions are particularly important?

Essentially, a good hair dryer for men's styling works like this: it blows warm air onto the hair to speed up the drying process. Nevertheless, there are differences in terms of features and technical data.

Heat regulation

A good hair dryer needs at least three temperature settings and the option to adjust the fan speed. There should also be a cold air button that can be pressed quickly if the hair heats up too much. Higher-priced hair dryers also advertise intelligent temperature regulation, sometimes with an infrared sensor to automatically prevent heat damage when styling.

Ionic function

This important function counteracts electrostatic charging of the hair during drying. And who wants to start the day with flyaway hair? This function is now very widespread, but you should still check whether the ion function is available on inexpensive models.


The lighter a device is, the more relaxed you can style your hair. After all, you don't want your hand to fall off while using it. The hairdryer should also sit comfortably in your hand. As a rule, a hair dryer weighs between 500 and 700 grams.

Cord length

As a rule, expensive hairdryers have longer cords of up to three meters, while the manufacturer saves money on cheaper models and only installs cords half as long. If the socket is not in the immediate vicinity of the mirror, a relatively short cable could become a problem or a daily annoyance.

Accessories included

Most hair dryers come with a nozzle and a diffuser. The nozzle is the standard attachment for the hairdryer, the diffuser is used for curls. If you like to try out different styles, you can get even more attachments with a more expensive hairdryer.

To conclude

Invest wisely in a quality hair dryer for men to avoid potential hair and scalp damage. Whether your hair is fine, thick, dry, or curly, find the right features for optimal styling. Consider heat protection, power, and additional functions like ion technology.

The Laifen Swift stands out as a versatile option with adjustable temperature settings. Prioritize features like heat regulation, ionic function, weight, cord length, and included accessories for the best styling experience. Choose quality over a bargain for the health and style of your hair.

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